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Hey, I'm Akinjide. I’m an enthusiastic Programmer that likes to code and build fun stuff.

1. Articles here promote general understanding and intend to serve as a reference for learning purposes only, thereby infrequently cite other articles.
2. Some arts (i.e. sketches, pictures) within articles are pulled from (un)known sources (i.e. Google Search) with the intent to provide supplementary context to readers.
3. Unfortunately, I cannot moderate comments at this time. I'll eventually look into some free embeddable comments software but I invite you to connect with me on GitHub or email me.
4. If you want to send me a GPG-encrypted mail, see the GPG key link above for my key and verify my key fingerprint BB99 7052 37A0 284F D945 CEDB E418 77A3 EA43 D3E1 to be really sure the key is mine. For me to reply, send me your key.
5. Having my photo on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any social platform contributes to privacy invasion. Please don't post any photos that include me without prior notice and/or permission.
6. You won't find me on Twitter, any account called “Akinjide” is not me. Currently, I'm reachable via email only.
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