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Dreamer Cover Art

I recently took this hilarious Creative Type Test, was ranked DREAMER and I thought I’d write an article sharing the outcome of the test. Enjoy!

Apparently, it’s a creative personality test assessing basic habits — how you think, act and see the world. Answering questions like, “Updates are ready to install; Restart now or Remind me tomorrow”, gives insight into one’s personality. I checked the dictionary for the word, dreamer and it seems this test matches about 45% of my personality because I can be idealistic in most situation. Haha.

dreamer | ˈdriːmə | noun

  • a person who dreams or is dreaming.
  • a person who is unpractical or idealistic: a rebellious young dreamer.

Creative Strengths

Connection to emotions and imagination, empathy and sensitivity

Untapped Potential

Using dreams to fuel real-world action

Ideal Collaborator

The Innovator

The world is a place of beauty and magic in the eyes of a DREAMER. Where others see facts and figures, you see symbols, metaphors, and hidden meanings.

You’re deeply emotional and intuitive, with a vivid imagination — the quintessential idealist and romantic. The inner world is always where you’ve felt most at home. You’re happy to roam your mental landscape of thoughts, emotions, and fantasies for hours on end.

You’re naturally drawn to express your inner world through literary pursuits, music, and the visual arts. Think of yourself as the “magical realist” of the creative types: like the literary masters of that genre, you naturally infuse your everyday life with the beauty and wonder of the imagination.

Your greatest gift is your depth of sensitivity and empathy, which allows you to give voice to universal human emotions in a way that touches people on a profound level. Your greatest challenge is learning to balance dreaming with disciplined action — which starts with coming back to the present moment. Let your mind roam free, DREAMER, but don’t forget to return to the here and now. Practicing mindfulness will go a long way in helping you turn your dreams into reality.

Seek out opportunities to collaborate with INNOVATOR types, who combine your lofty idealism with a focus on pragmatic solutions. The grounding energy of the INNOVATOR can inspire you to apply your imagination to real-world change.