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Continuous Aggressive Learning

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As a programmer, forming an unbroken continuous aggressive learning habit without interruption isn’t something that comes by easily. You’re either working on the next big feature, churning out code before a deadline or fixing production breaking bugs. All these factors and some more not included make it really easy to lose track and insight into your own personal learning. This can be unharmful if while doing all mentioned above you’re learning and growing, however, this isn’t the case with several programmers since many end up working with the same programming language (or technologies) not to mention some get really comfortable.

I’ve seen programmers fall into this loop and end up learning nothing new for years, their excuse would be around: I’m always busy and can’t afford to pick up anything new at the moment, I’d pick it up later when I’m less busy or I don’t think there’s any difference between what I’m currently using and anything out there. I’ve been in a similar situation, where I bound myself to doing just one thing because I said to myself – I don’t have time to learn that or It’s not currently required; when I need it, I’ll learn it.

I’d share a personal experience: about two and half years ago I was using Angular.js immensely knowing the ins and outs, I was really comfortable with it and didn’t take time to look at Angular 2 or other component based JavaScript library or framework. My excuse: I’m busy implementing new features, who needs component based library or framework when Angular.js can clearly do everything. I refused to look ahead, refused to aggressively learn component based frameworks and libraries. Fast forward, I had a hard time learning Vue.js which is component based and I began asking my friends silly questions like: Why should my web application be component based?, What is state management?, What are mutation and mutation-types?. So many questions that I had to read through the fundamentals. It didn’t take me that long to fully understand what all the fuzz with component based web applications was about, nonetheless, I could have saved that time if I had aggressively learned even if I didn’t apply that knowledge two and half years ago.

The world of programmers will forget you if you don’t practice aggressive learning no matter how busy your day or never having a moment to yourself. Nobody said it’s going to be easy and you should know this as a programmer especially if you were self taught, you know you own your learning and no one will tell you what to learn.

Up All Night

Programming isn’t an 8 hours day job, where you close your machine, books that explain concepts or shutdown your personal server. Programming is everything if you’re a programmer and you constantly need to hone your craft, even if it requires staying up late nights, while others sleep and wait for the next day. You knew this before starting out or maybe you didn’t but now you do. Don’t let 24 hours pass by without learning something new or polishing old concepts, the only way you can stay ahead as a programmer is to be aggressive about your learning.

Life is really short and if you don’t do shit, you’d end up in regrets and just keep saying to yourself; I have anyways dreamed to be this or that, I was going to learn that concept or I should’ve learned that.

If you’re in this phase, where you don’t know how to manage time and constantly learn new stuff within your domain or outside, definitely reach out to someone or me – I’d be willing to help out.