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My family recently purchased an automatic washing machine and needed to install both the outlet and inlet pipes. I didn’t take time to read through the documentation and assumed the installation will need a plumber. My mom made few calls and later a plumber came around to inspect and told us what’s required to install the washing machine. He said:

I’ll have to make a hole in the wall and take the pipes through the wall, this and that.

Bullshit I thought while laughing, it shouldn’t be complex running pipes. After giving his strong and unchanging opinion about how making a hole is the only way, my mom gave him money to get the equipment required, I disagreed but you know moms. I was pissed and went through the machine documentation, questioned the plumbers’ solution and did my own assessment.

I asked myself, “How else can we install this machine assuming the wall’s glass and can’t be taken down?”, then I took a photo of the wash hand basin pipe junction, the washing machine outlet, and inlet pipe end. I convinced my mom about going to a local plumbing store, we got there and described what we needed to accomplish connecting the washing machine, we got the recommended materials from plumbers at the store. I got home, sat down with the washing machine, turned some pipes and fitting, applied glue, routed the pipes and the machine was up and running without making a hole in the wall.

This might seem obvious but I just thought I’d write about this and show how problem-solving, critical thinking and perspectives can get stuff done efficiently and effortlessly. I had no plumbing experience whatsoever but the ability to think critically and of course; programming.