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How do we measure professional success? Is it by the the size of our paycheck? That could have been the most prominent answer, years ago; nonetheless, today when someone really want to show you how important they are, they’ll tell you about never having a moment to themselves and their busy day.

We’ve created a society of “busyness” both in the workplace and home, working more hours than ever before. So why do we do this? Does all this “busyness” make us more productive?

Since I first started working as a “professional developer”, my primary focus has been building a lot of different things – fast. During my free-time, I exclusively focus on building apps without much regard for their longevity.

I really enjoy the thrill of starting projects, building them out until I’m satisfied, then put them into maintenance mode and occasionally work on them.

Unfortunately, I’ve been putting a lot of thought into the quality of my well-being, I’ve come to realize that there is so much more I could do to not only improve the quality of well-being (and life in general), but make it more interesting, and fun.

After meeting great programmers and other people over the past several months, I’ve noticed something in common with all the people I admire: they ruthlessly focus on the quality of their well-being, above all else.

Regardless of whatever obstacles and hurdles they have to jump over to make things happen, they take out time to rest and focus on their well-being.

So I’ve decided to make my journey a little more actionable. I’m going to start out simple. Every night I’m going turn off technology and reflect about what I did during the day, whether or not I was satisfied with the quality of both my well-being and work.

By bringing a focus on quality into my daily routine and consciously thinking about it each day, I hope I’ll remind myself to focus on my well-being alongside work.