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Seven Months In

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Approximately seven months ago, I started reading Learn Python the Hard Way. If you’re new, you may want to check out my other article Why I’m Committing to Python, where I wrote about how optimistic I am about Python. More than anything, how I want to utilize my newly found Python knowledge so I can have something to look back at later.

Too Busy

Seven months doesn’t really sound like a long time. However, looking back, I’ve been too busy to do a lot of things. Too busy to learn either Django or Flask framework for Python on my free time, too busy to spend time with family and friends and too busy to just have fun. I’ve spent the better part of the last few months working on company projects, trying to leave a lasting impression with my work.

While this has been successful, it’s also been a bit of a personal disappointment, I’ve consistently fallen short of my personal goals and habits. I’ve slipped into the busy flow: mindlessly moving along through life, reacting to issues when they emerge, and generally being pushed in one direction or another.

That Moment

I was having lunch with a good friend several weeks ago, and the topic of foreign currencies and exchange rates came up. As soon as I mumbled through my weak explanation, it instantly clicked - how pathetic it was checking exchange rates on websites like AbokiFx. Too Stressful? Really?! How on earth is it possible that I’ll leave the Command Line Interface (or CLI) I enjoy working from and use the browser, to a point where I felt guilty pondering it?

It was a definite moment of clarity for me.

The first day was pretty hard to make it through–I had no idea what to do with this new found idea of a CLI for foreign exchange rates. On the second day, my brain kicked into creative mode, and since then I’ve released about two versions of the foreign exchange rates CLI (aboki) which I’m excited I implemented.

I noticed writing code for programmers (being a programmer myself) doesn’t feel like work at all. Programmers are the best customers ever, making complex stuff simpler and more accessible is a great feeling.


The past seven months have been pretty epic. I’ve had a lot of fun, gotten a bunch of stuff done, and had a ton of deadlines along the way, although seems like a lifetime.

While I still have my personal projects laid out with TODO items, like always, I can’t tell you how often I’ve stressed myself out by constantly thinking of the importance of each item. Taking a moment to realize how fun each little item can be, and focusing on it completely for a small chunk of time is an incredibly great way to get into the zone, have fun and meet deadlines.

Those are all my thoughts for now. I’m sure in a few months I’ll have a lot more. If you’d like to try or use aboki CLI?

$ pip install aboki