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When Everything Stops

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Now, I realize that my survival depends on a few things and most stuff I have was prompted by either influences or recommendations, not because I need them. This outrageous pandemic is an equalizer forcing us to change our priorities because no one is free from the risk.

The internet and media have exposed us to depressing news and devastating effects of this pandemic around the globe, but even though people are dying I have thought about the positive things that can emerge from this dark and crazy time.

If you’re staying at home or working from home, hopefully, this article will give you enough reason to stay positive and valuable in this unprecedented time, there’s no excuse for us not to get creative or knowledgeable this period.


Habits are small continuous decisions and being busy with our jobs and other obligations make us forget to feed our habits or spend time with loved ones. It’s hard building good habits into one’s life but I want you to take a few moments to consider how you can reignite good habits, spark your inner self and reconnect with loved ones.

Consider these habits options and track your habits using apps like Momentum Habit Tracker:

  • Practice minimalism. Try removing stuff you don’t use or need and only keep stuff that is essential for daily living.
  • Eat healthily and detoxify. Avoid taking food that won’t nourish your body, instead take vegetables and fruits.
  • Start a workout routine. Try Balance and get a free one-year subscription to stretch your body parts.
  • Journaling. Write about your past trips or experiences before the pandemic and now that you’re staying at home.
  • Laugh. Even if you have to force it, laughing calms the mind and people around you. It makes you hopeful.
  • Listen to or watch calming content (i.e. Music, Podcast, Movies or Audiobook). Try Pluto TV for free TV, Netflix, Apple Podcasts or Audible.
  • Tidy up your apartment.
  • Talk with a positive person or friends. Try Skype or FaceTime.
  • Mediate at least thirty minutes every day.
  • Get more sleep.
  • Stay hydrated with healthy beverages or just water.
  • Practice deep breathing for at least two minutes. Try Apple Breathe.
  • Reduce food waste and eat everything.
  • See the news and global pandemic tickers moderately.
  • Appreciate simple interactions from colleagues, friends or family.
  • Identify your core group and refresh your relationship with family and friends.


Investing in your knowledge and constantly reading is fundamental, know that your mind is ever curious and that learning new things improves you personally and professionally.

Yet, there’s competition for our attention, we have social media and random obligations that fill our free moments, preventing us from reading even a single book in a year. Why not take this isolation period to invest in yourself, here are some free or inexpensive options you can consider and potentially grow your earnings and investment:

  • Financial Education. Learning about Stocks, Real Estate and the difference between earned, passive and portfolio income.
  • Start saving or investing. If you can save or invest this period, try RobinHood, Cowrywise, PiggyVest or Acorns.
  • Read a book. Read about Space, Architecture, Construction, Telecommunication, Relationship, Lifestyle, or Finance.
  • Get creative on the internet. Start a business online using Instagram Business, offer services like Maths Tutoring for kids staying at home or use Upwork for specialized talent.
  • Learn new skills. Business, Learn to Code, Communication, Music and Art or anything.
  • Picking up a new language using apps like Duolingo which offers free training and exercises that make learning fun.
  • Enrol in an online university program or take an open online course.
  • Attend online webinars. Try Meetup or search online for webinars.

Your busyness and working morning through bedtime could prevent you from finding time to try creative and fun activities. The point is, now more than ever, you need to draw a strict boundary between personal and professional life and reconnect with families, friends and relationship partner during this isolation period.

Stay Safe.